Music, features in every facet of life at Grange, from school assemblies to competitions and musical productions. The study of music informs our judgement and hones our analytical skills across the full range of subjects. At Grange, Music as an academic subject links all areas of scholarly life, from language to analysis, from composition to presentation. We aim to make links between different styles and ask questions such as “How does music of the Baroque period reflect the opulence of the age?” or “If music is created using music technologies, do the elements of the art remain the same?”

The study of music supports a kaleidoscope of different skills. Academically, it pushes the boundaries and opens up a whole series of techniques: if you want to compose, you can; if you want to perform, you can; if you want to listen and appreciate, you can too or if you want to explore music and research it, this is also possible.

Music at Grange plays a tremendously important role in the life of the school and every student is encouraged to learn a musical instrument. We provide opportunities for students to explore the many facets of music making, from being a song writer/composer to being a performer in a musical. We want them to discover their musical niche and we aim to provide the right environment for this to take place.

Our facilities are excellent and we have a wealth of musical instruments for use by our students, as well as increasing investment in music technology and software.

For the aspiring musician, we offer time to practise, as well as lesons with our excellent visiting instrumental teachers.

From school choirs to orchestras, from string quartets to brass quintets, from jazz bands to rock groups, we are constantly reviewing our repertoire to challenge and inspire.

Grange Brass, Woodwind, Strings, Piano and Percussion Ensembles intend to offer tuition to the highest standard with a clear vision for developing more instrumental playing. The quality of performance continues to improve and our brass and woodwind players are performing to the highest standards.

Opportunities are given to students to sit for professional exams in music, such as the MUSON (Musical Society of Nigeria) and ABRSM (Associate Board of Royal Schools of Music) on different theory and practical grades. This will further enable them to develop skills and techniques on their chosen instruments and general musicianship.

ABRSM Theory Examination

We encourage every student in the school to participate in ABRSM Music theory and practical examinations. Parents and guardians are to enquire about forthcoming ABRSM examinations in order to have an update of what should be done to prepare for the exam.

Rock Music Examination

We also intend to introduce the Rock Music Professional Examination from the UK. The examination is about contemporary music production and engineering. Interested students will learn about studio recording and mixing of their own music in the syllabus for the examination.

Pupils are introduced to various music forms, like classical, jazz, contemporary, folk, and choral music. The Grange School choir and orchestra participate in several local competitions and most school events. We hope to give lessons to all classes using a wide variety of instruments.

Oguntade, Kayode A.
Director/Head of Music