• French • Spanish • Mandarin ( Only offered in the primary school )

“Anyone that doesn't know foreign languages knows nothing of his own.” ― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Maxims and Reflections

Here at Grange School, the Modern Foreign Languages Department which started as French Department has expanded to embrace two more languages: Spanish and Mandarin. This is a reflection of the realities of our time as more of our students are going outside Europe and America for further studies and China has carved a niche for herself at the pinnacle of the global market.

Years 7-9 (Key Stage 3)

Students coming into Grange during the Primary phase are exposed to the three languages [Mandarin, Spanish and French] on offer on the Grange MFL menu. At the secondary school level, there are only two on offer – French and Spanish. Since Grange admits pupils from other schools where these languages are probably not taught, emphasis is laid on the rudiments of the Languages in order to allow new entrants to find their feet and have fun learning the languages.

Years 10-11 (Key Stage 4)

Going into the final phase of their learning experience, all students are made to focus on only one of the two in which they feel they have a better chance at the IGCSE. They do more oral activities like playlets, interviews, short speeches and projects in the target language, thus instilling in them the confidence necessary for the success at IGCSE.

Growing Up

The early years of MFL is always a challenge as students strive to break the habit of thinking and imposing the syntax of their first language on the second new one they are learning. At Key Stage 4 they are more sure-footed, thereby enjoying new learning challenges.

Out & About

From the four walls of the classroom, we have gone out on regular language immersion excursions to places such as: Cotonou, France, Switzerland and Spain – to stretch our cramped legs and get a fresh breath of ‘linguistic air’ in our adventurous lungs.

Mr. A. Adebowale
Head of Modern Foreign Languages