Introduction to Boarding

Grange House has 8 units for up to 48 girls and 48 boys aged 11 to 16. Units 1 -4 houses the boys while units 5 – 8 house the girls. Each unit accommodates 12 students in a 3 room, 4 students per room structure with an ensuite bathroom.

We provide a caring and supportive environment to enable students develop their independence and take responsibility for their own actions. It is an opportunity to live independently but with a sense of working together as a team and participating in the community.

We offer full-time boarding (students, only leave the boarding at half term, full-term holidays and exeat requests). However parents can opt for flexi boarding (Monday - Friday) or occasional boarding for those parents wishing to book a space on an ad hoc basis when unexpected work, family or school commitments create logistical challenges.


Taking a lot of little steps towards maturity is one of the intangibles of going to boarding school. You have to learn to get along with others because it is a community. You learn to be responsible for your actions because you are bound by an honour and discipline code. The lessons in life learned in boarding school will lay a solid foundation for adulthood. You will see how positively boarding school will shape your child's life.

You will make friends for life. Most boarding school graduates look back at their years in school as a time when lasting friendships were established.


Boarding students quickly learn how to perform many household tasks and chores themselves and they also become more independent learners. In addition, boarders need to be responsible for managing their own money and belongings, helping them to mature earlier and become more resourceful.

Friendship & Connections

Boarders often form very close friendships and connections with their boarding ‘family’. They have the benefit of having many shared experiences through living together and other extra-curricular opportunities.

Daily Life... A Day in the Life of a Grange Boarder

Time Duration Event
5.30am - 06.39am We get up and start to get ourselves ready for the day. Make sure you make your bed!
6.40am - 06.49am We all meet in the common room, say prayers and discuss the day ahead
6.50am - 06.59am Off we go to school on the bus
7.00am - 07.34am Now we’re all hungry, so breakfast time!
7.35am - 07.59am Class registration. Be sure to be punctual
8.00am - 03.15pm The school day - lots to do
3.15pm - 04.10pm Time to leave school or engage in extra-curricular/academic intervention
4.20pm - 05.29pm Phew! Back home to change and have a siesta
5.30pm - 05.29pm Time for a snack
5.30pm - 07.00pm 2nd prep of the day..complete homework/independent study
7.00pm - 07.29pm Dinner time
7.30pm - 08.00pm Free time- make calls home, time to mingle, relax - and enjoy!
8.00pm - 08.30pm 3rd prep of the a bit one last time for the day.
8.30pm - 08.50pm It’s time to have a snack, a shower and get ready for bed.
9.00pm - 09.10pm Time to brush your teeth and get to sleep!

Prep (Homework): Attendance is compulsory. The common room also partly serves as a Prep room. Prep is THE MOST SACRED TIME in the hostel schedule. Pupils will be required to work in silence. Academic Staff are available to assist pupils with homework in the Grange House tutorial area. Houseparents will check and sign homework diaries.

Phone Calls: Parents are welcome to contact the Boarding House lines between the hours of 7:30pm-8:00pm (weekdays and weekends). Students have access to a telephone located in each unit in the boarding house.

In an emergency, please contact the Senior Boarding Housemaster immediately.

Bedtimes: Before going to bed we make sure we have our uniform and all the books we need for the following day ready. Lights out is from 9.00 pm

Sickbay: A resident nurse is available to deal with emergencies or other health related issues. Students are well looked after if unwell in the House. A retainership with a nearby clinic is also available for cases requiring urgent medical care.

Weekends: Activities

Outings: House outings are such fun! You get to go shopping, go to the cinema, ice cream place etc. We’ve also gone go carting, bowling and spent the day at the Hi-Impact Planet in the past.

Fire Drills: Fire drills are unexpected. If we hear a fire alarm, whether we’re in bed, at play or in the shower, we get out of the unit as soon as we can. After we get out of the unit, we go and meet everybody outside and line up with our unit mates. Houseparents will always check that everyone is out and safe before they leave the unit.

Feeling homesick or lonely?
Worried about School or homework?
Being ignored or left out?

There is always someone to talk to - someone who can help.
e.g.: Your Houseparents
Mr Amusu – Senior Boarding Housemaster
Mrs. Sotunde – Ag. Head of Secondary School
Mrs. Itemeh – Head, Pastoral and Wellbeing
Prefects and the Monitors. Your friends.

Laundry is done for the students. The Head of School, Head of Secondary School, Senior Housemaster and Houseparents strive to make The Grange House a happy and secure environment for all our Grange School boarders.


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