Grange School developed my reading desire

Oluwademilade Taiwo, who was the library prefect of the Class of 2020 thought to give back to his school not just the Secondary but the Primary phase.

He shared his story on how he began his journey from Reception up until his Secondary School at Grange School and how Grange helped improved his reading skills. It was no doubt why Oluwademilade became the Library prefect as he loved to read and spend his time in the company of books.

In his words “I was part of a group of year 11s who donated school bags, stationery and football boots to two public schools as part of our service learning and reaching out to the underprivileged in our neighbourhood. This gesture inspired me so much that I decided to raise funds and do a ‘give back’ project to my school and two public schools to encourage reading. I raised a total of N750,000.00. This was raised by asking for donations from friends, family members, members of my church and friends of my parents. I also did some odd jobs such as washing my parent’s cars, washing dishes, and gardening, to mention a few. After raising funds, I wrote a formal letter to the Head of Primary and Secondary of Grange School requesting permission to work with the librarians of both phases to procure reading books that were of interest to the age groups. I then was allowed to speak in the assembly and encouraged everyone to go to the libraries and suggest the books they would like to see in the library. I also spoke on the different reading benefits and encouraged the fervent readers to continue reading while I advised those who did not like to read that there is a book for everyone to read. The books, including those for the public schools, were then subsequently ordered by the school librarian.“

He was recognised by COBIS and was awarded a Student Achievement Award for Commitment to a Charitable Cause.

We sincerely appreciate Oluwademilade for giving back to the school’s library and making us understand that even though statistics says girls love to read, Grange School can definitely change the status quo by making your boys develop the desire to read.

We appreciate you and we wish you a wonderful time in your future endeavours. Keep the Grange flag flying.

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