Welcome and thank you for your interest in Grange School.


Over the last 61 years Grange Primary has done a remarkable job preparing the next generation of leaders and innovators. We have consistently met the challenge to deliver high quality teaching and learning, where children are encouraged to stretch their minds and develop their skills, in an environment where they feel valued, safe and secure.

Grange Primary offers a broad and balanced UK curriculum, whilst embracing and incorporating the Nigerian culture and history. Our rigorous academic curriculum opens avenues of opportunities for our pupils to investigate and discover, to think analytically and to use the knowledge, skills and understanding they have acquired to solve problems and find solutions. Alongside this, Grange Primary ensures that children are exposed to the wider curriculum that includes a range of sporting, art, cultural and music related activities. Grange pupils compete successful locally, nationally and at international competitions and we are very proud of the consistent high performance at such events. Grange Primary pupils are happily engaged in their learning, where we put emphasis on teamwork and collaboration. The children are encouraged to rejoice in the success of all and support those who may be disappointed.

Every Grange pupil is unique and we are committed to ensuring that we recognise the needs of all our pupils. Striving to achieve your personal best is part of our culture, so pupils are fully supported by a team of dedicated teachers, who offer a caring and nurturing environment that allows all pupils to make progress, developing their own skills and talents. We ensure that we promote our pupils’ personal, social, spiritual and emotional development. Our robust assessment process ensures that we intervene when required, to enable all our pupils to make good progress. We encourage our pupils to interact with each other showing respect and good manners, and we work towards developing children who communicate with self-confidence.

I am very proud to be a part of the Grange family and part of a team who works towards the continued success of our school, upholding the school motto; ‘’A Culture of Continuous Improvement’’.

Mrs Ailsa Griffiths
Head of Primary