Life at our Grange House

“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.”  If you want your child to have a window that looks out on the world, then there can be few better options than at Grange House where they become more independent, and the educational foundations provided act as a springboard to even greater things at university level and beyond.

Lifelong friendships are forged, and many of these friendships will provide international connections.  High academic standards are complemented by praise and encouragement, so that children learn to become thoughtful and confident young adults, who as life-long learners will be fully engaged in nurturing their talents.

The House is staffed by the Head of Residence assisted by House parents, a Resident Nurse and ground staff.  Grange House also offers flexible, weekly and full boarding, as well as a range of other benefits you won’t find at regular schools, such as prep sessions and mentoring groups that see house parents provide individual attention as well as encourage participation.  Boarders at Grange House have more opportunity to interact with house parents in each house and a resident nurse on the premises.  Boarders are entitled to have intervention lessons upon request from the school.

This can often be reflected in the depth of subject offerings and out-of-school activities such as “go-carting”, “excursions”, “movie watching” and so much more. The range of activities in arts and sports at Grange House, for example is often far more wide-ranging than anything available in regular schools.

While there’s definitely structure within the House, students rapidly learn to adjust to a new environment, and learn how to be independent.  This can be ideal for students looking for a fresh start who will learn how to make choices in ways that they do not whilst living at home.

Grange House strives to be a home away from home and has a number of options which allow children to keep in regular contact with their parents – for example phone calls in the evenings for a certain period of time, braiding of boarders’ (girls) hair during the weekends, weekly home visits (optional), outdoor games such as football, table-tennis, snooker, basketball and indoor activities such as movie time (Saturdays), visitation time and so on.

The House boasts on uninterrupted 24 hours power supply backed by a noise proof 250 KVA generator and tight security with constant water supply.

It is pertinent to make a good choice of boarding school and for this you need to match the needs of your child with the culture of the school to which you decide to send them.

In short, these are all things that will give your child a greater opportunity to find a place in higher education and succeed when they get there.

Parents are encouraged to visit the House after having a confirmed appointment with the admissions office.

The House is situated in the heart of GRA, Ikeja, Lagos.

Viyon Amusu
Senior House Master