Sports, Music & Arts


Sport is an essential element of the Grange School compulsory curriculum in all classes. A broad range of sports are taught, including tennis, table tennis, badminton, volleyball, athletics, soccer, basketball and swimming.

Lessons are taken by specialist staff as well as visiting coaches.

Grange is continually expanding facilities to enable pupils to gain an increasingly rich variety of experiences and opportunities to develop not only their own skills in performance, creativity and craftsmanship, but also to develop their critical and appreciative faculties as members of an audience or as observers.

There is in place an extensive programme which provides pupils with ample training to represent the school in matches and competitions against other international schools locally and internationally. In addition, all pupils participate in our annual inter-house sports competitions.


Music, features in every facet of life at Grange, from school assemblies to competitions and musical productions. The study of music informs our judgements and hones our analytical skills across the full range of subjects.

At Grange, Music as an academic subject links all areas of scholarly life, from language to analysis, from composition to presentation. We aim to make links between different styles and ask questions such as “How does the music of the Baroque period reflect the opulence of the age?” or “If music is created using music technologies, do the elements of the art remain the same?”

The study of music supports a kaleidoscope of different skills. Academically it pushes the boundaries and opens up a whole series of techniques. If you want to compose, you can; if you want to perform, you can; if you want to listen and appreciate, you can too or if you want to explore music and research it, this is also possible.

We do have certain aims however. If you compose a piece, we feel it should be heard not just through computer speakers but by live performers. We also feel that performances should be heard in concert and not just in the practice room and they should achieve the highest possible result whatever the standard and whatever the style. We also believe that there are many styles of music and each and every style can be appreciated.

Music at Grange plays a tremendously important role in the life of the school and every student gets to learn a musical instrument. We provide opportunities for students to explore the many facets of music making, from being a song writer/composer to being a performer in a musical. We want them to discover their musical niche and we aim to provide the right environment for this to take place.

Our facilities are excellent and we have a wealth of musical instruments for use by our students and we are working towards building a professional recording studio. We use a number of concert venues and are increasing investment in music technology and software.

For the aspiring professional, we offer time to practice and excellent visiting instrumental teachers. We intend to have our own specialist music scheme, hold master classes with visiting professional musicians and perform at local performance venues in Nigeria and abroad.

From school choirs to symphony orchestras, from string quartets to brass quintets, from jazz bands to rock groups, we are constantly reviewing our repertoire to challenge and inspire.

Grange Brass, Woodwind, Strings, Piano and Percussion Ensembles offer tuition to the highest standard with a clear vision for developing instrumental playing. The quality of performance continues to improve and our brass players are performing to the highest standards.

Using a wide variety of instruments, all classes are given lessons. Pupils are introduced to various music forms, including classical, jazz, contemporary, folk, and choral music. The Grange School Choir participates in several local competitions.


Art and Design is a highly regarded subject at Grange School which is why it is an integral part of the School’s curriculum. Art is taught throughout the school, in Reception, Key stages 1, 2, 3, and 4 with excellent results in Cambridge IGCSE.

Pupils are equipped with knowledge and skills to experiment, to invent, to express and to create their own works of art, craft and design. Pupils will developcreative and imaginative skills as shown through the realisation of practical projects. They will begin to form the capacity to analyse and critically examine diverse forms of discourse and their effects on representation in the arts, and public life.

Upcoming artists who are gifted and talented are encouraged through our annual Artist in residence project in collaboration with professional practicing artists who are invited for this project.

Grange school Art department has won continuous laurels in several Art competitions locally and internationally.