What do students like most about Grange School, Lagos?

  • The teachers really want to help you
  • Loads of after school activities, I have something I want to do every single night
  • Happy atmosphere
  • Great school trips
  • It’s cool to do well here

What are the school’s main achievements?

  • High academic standards
  • Excellent exam results – In 2012 92.3% achieved grade A* – C at A Level and almost 50% of all grades at GCSE were A* and A’s
  • An impressive extra-curricular programme, leading to high standards of success in sport, music, art and other activities
  • A happy and rewarding environment offering impressive facilities
  • Well-rounded, confident and intellectually curious pupils



What are the main strengths of the School?

  • Committed teachers with high expectations of pupils
  • Adherence to the ideal of an all-round education
  • High quality pastoral care
  • Keeping pupils/students challenged and interested in learning
  • Personalised programmes of support
  • Small class sizes



What is the pastoral system like at Grange?

Pastoral care means we use a holistic approach to address the personal, emotional, social, intellectual and moral needs of every pupil. As a result pupils show genuine concern for each other and grow strongly in self-awareness and self-esteem.


Does the school have a bus service?




Does the school accept students throughout the school year?

Students can start at any date before the mid-term break of the Lent term.  Applications at later times are considered on an individual basis. New students usually start on Mondays



Is there an application fee?

Yes, there is a N20,000 fee for an application to The Grange School, Lagos.



From what age does Grange accept children?

The Grange School, Lagos is open to all children from age 4 – 16.



What are the school hours?

  • The school opens for drop offs at 07:00 
  • The school day begins at 07:40 and ends at 15:15
  • The school hours are the same for Primary and Secondary phase



Are there after school activities?

An extensive programme of after school and lunchtime activities enriches the Grange experience.

Do pupils wear uniforms?

Yes, all students from reception up to Year 11 are required to wear a school uniform.



Academic FAQs

Are all classes taught in English?

Yes, all classes are taught in English (except language classes).

Is my child required to speak perfect English before being admitted into the Grange?

No. We welcome non native speakers of English to the Grange. We provide support in the form of EAL (English as an Additional Language) and have a programme of Intensive English.



How do you care for the needs of your most able pupils?

We offer our most able students the chance to be involved in more stretching and challenging activities, providing extension, enrichment and acceleration within the curriculum and within extra – curricular activities.

Is learning support available?

Yes, the special educational needs of students with specific learning difficulties are addressed either individually or in small groups.



What certificate/qualification will my child leave with at the end of his schooling at Grange?

The qualifications we offer at the Grange are the Cambridge Primary Certificate, and the international General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), CIE



Will my child be able to gain entry into A level/IB colleges around the world

Yes, Grange students have been successfully accepted by prestigious colleges in the UK, USA and worldwide. However, majority of our students progress to the UK. We are proud of our ability to best help students fulfil their potential for higher education admission.