...a culture of care

The pastoral system in the School is specially tailored so that each and every student is encouraged to make the very most of their time at Grange. Our paramount concern is that all ‘’grangers’’ are safe, healthy, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution and achieve economic well being which are the five aims of Évery Çhild matters act of 2004.

Our Pastoral Curriculum includes the 'hidden curriculum' that is the ethos of the school in terms of our Core Values, 6 P’s (Punctuality, Preparedness, Performance, positive participation and personal conduct and Praise), day to day relationships between staff and pupils, and opportunities for moral, spiritual, social and cultural development.

Learning guidance programme runs during registration periods as our Formal pastoral curriculum and is handled by form tutors.

With a culture of continuous improvement, we run a Reward system that affirms the pupil’s value and we encourage staff to use rewards more extensively. On the flip side, pastoral control is exercised by giving sanctions and applying the behaviour ladder.

In addition, we run a house system that provides opportunities for and encourage pupils to exercise individual and social responsibility. Students are further divided into smaller tutor groups called Cells’’ led by house tutors

Finally, Grange School fosters a culture which aims to enable all students to reach their academic potential within an environment of strong pastoral care and broad sporting, creative and extra-curricular activities in which they feel valued and secure.