Welcome To Senior School

Grange School, Secondary is dedicated to the promotion of an holistic education, to providing a range of opportunities so that each child can develop their talents and interests both inside and outside the classroom. Our aim is to prepare our students to have the highest expectations of themselves both here at school and in the world that will encounter when they finally leave us.

To this end we;

  •     Provide our students with the highest standards of teaching and learning based on the English National Curriculum and culminating in       the IGCSE.
  •     Encourage our students to aim always for academic excellence.
  •     Aim to promote a life-long love of learning by encouraging intellectual curiosity.
  •     Give our students the life skills and moral framework that will enable them to deal with the challenges and vagaries of life after Grange.
  •     Develop the whole person by Offering a range of wider curricular activities that embrace sporting, cultural, artistic and service     activities.
  •     Support our students with compassionate pastoral support through tutor groups.
  •     Create opportunities for pupils to develop leadership and teamwork skills both at school and on educational trips outside the immediate school environment.

We believe Grangers are different. They are young people with a strong sense of what it means to be part of the Grange community and the responsibilities that this entails. Additionally, they are part of a wider community, and we aim to promote in them a strong sense of what it means to be a citizen of our increasingly accessible global village.

Our doors are always open. We are proud of our school, our students and our programmes. You will always be made to feel welcome.