Our Britishness

"It is certainly amongst the top performing schools in Africa"
(BSO Inspection 2015)



Our British and International nature

Grange School was founded in 1958 with the intention of providing a high-quality, English-style education to the children of Nigerian and expatriate families living in what was then rapidly growing capital city - now the commercial Megacity of Lagos. Over the years following British tradition with Nigerian innovation, Grange has established itself as the foremost provider of the English Curriculum education in West Africa and is well known and highly regarded within the city, Nigeria and beyond.

In order to acknowledge and confirm the above Grange invited inspectors from the UK in October 2015 to look closely at the school under British Schools' overseas standards. Our resultant grading of 'a good school with some outstanding features' made us all in the Grange family very proud of our achievements. Grange is currently one of just three schools in West Africa that has ‘accredited member’ status with the Council of British International Schools (COBIS).

We operate three terms per academic year with the traditional holidays and half terms as found in the UK. The academic year starts at the beginning of September and ends usually in the first week of July. The holidays are three weeks in December/January, three weeks in March/April and seven weeks in July and August. As well as using the New National Curriculum for England, assessments are based on national standards from the UK. We use British packages as assessment tools which provide both pupils and staff clear evidence of pupil achievement and progress against their targets which in turn are based on expected potential.

Classroom management, styles of pedagogy and associated practices, displays of work, and age related year groups contribute to the British feel of the school. Grange School prides itself on providing an all-round education for the child which incorporates ‘the mind’, ‘the body’ and ‘the soul’. Grange enrolls its teachers on a regular basis on educational courses that are delivered by the best of both African and British training agencies to fulfil its commitment to high quality professional development.

Grange delivers the British curriculum throughout all Key Stages, with pupils in Y6 and Y9 sitting the Cambridge Checkpoint examinations which reflect children’s attainment in mathematics, English and science. Y11 pupils sit the Cambridge iGCSE examinations with an average 93% of them gaining at least five A*-C grades over the last five years and 77% average gaining five A*-B grades. It is important to note that although our framework of learning is English, we use Nigerian reference points in many subjects, in particular English and the humanities. Classes and year groups in addition to international tours overseas partake of local and out of state excursions to buttress the Nigerian context of learning.

The overwhelming majority of our pupils leave at 16+ moving onto Secondary School Sixth forms and colleges in the UK, USA and Canada. Grange has developed close links with UK Schools and sends teachers to see ‘best UK practice’ taking place in reputable schools. In addition to this, teachers and teaching assistants are sent to international training opportunities and educational conferences organised by AISA, APEN, AISEN and COBIS.

Our residential boarding provision 'The House' located just five minutes’ drive from the main school, is very much run on UK grounds and provides both flexible and full time boarding for pupils aged 9 and above. Our children reside in eight family style homes and that are well provided for in terms of staff and facilities. Learning, emotional and social development opportunities are well structured and supervised on a daily basis by the school’s Pastoral Deputy Head and the Senior House Master.

Grange has a four house system named after the largest rivers in Nigeria which provides an English traditional school system as a medium for competition in many activities some of which are British in nature. Thus the importance of wider and co-curricular provision including clubs and school trips are reminiscent of the best of British practice. Most of our text-books, materials, educational equipment and software are sourced from the UK.

The current CEO/Headmaster is a member of the Independent Association of Prep Schools. (IAPS).