British Education System

Grange School provides a high quality British education in a happy, caring and supportive environment.  We believe that this can best be accomplished when a child feels valued and is treated with dignity.

Grange School offers a British style education for pupils from the age of 4 to 16 on a site which was originally in the country but has since become urbanized. The overall size of the campus is relatively small but best use is made of all available space for the pupils. Pupils are admitted to the school through a selection process involving ability testing and interview. At the end of Y6 and Y9 pupils are externally assessed using the Cambridge University checkpoint examinations and at the end of Y11 by Cambridge iGCSE’s. Its pupils’ attainments in external examinations, particularly at iGCSE level make the school almost certainly the highest achieving British school in West Africa if not on the continent.

Parents suggest that they choose for their children to sit the Grange entry requirements as they see the school as the premier academic institution for the 4-16 age group in the State, leading to entrance to UK provision. The overwhelming majority of pupils go on to attend sixth form education at public schools in the UK. A smaller number attend institutions in Canada and the USA.

Our curriculum, both in and outside the classroom, provides challenging experiences for children academically, socially, physically and aesthetically, whilst promoting a spirit of tolerance and understanding towards others.  Our children are given opportunities to develop open and enquiring minds through problem solving and co-operative learning activities. 

Key Stage and Age Guide

Level of School

Key Stage

School Year

Child's Age


Key Stage One


4 - 5


Key Stage One

Year 1-2

5 - 7


Key Stage Two

Year 3-6



Key Stage Three

Year 7-9



Key Stage Four

Year 10-11


iGCSE and Checkpoint
Our Primary Phase prepares pupils for the KeyStage 2 CheckPoint examinations.
Our secondary school therefore continues into Key Stage 3 culminating in the Checkpoint Exams and Key Stage 4 which culminates in the iGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education). Both exams are under the auspices of the University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate (UCLES).