CEO & Headmaster

I am really pleased to introduce our school to you and explain the vision for the education of our pupils. It starts a conversation and process which will see your child well supported in coming to Grange. After more than thirty-five years’ as an educationalist and as a father myself, I know how important a school is that offers quality learning with high expectations.

I am passionate and committed to maintaining the ethos and traditions of Grange, whilst ensuring the school continues to provide quality all-round 21st century experiences. Our aim, that all pupils are part of ‘a culture of continuous improvement’ underpins our work and values for those in our care. I want all our children to fulfil their potential and promise.

I certainly expect pupils to attain the qualifications they need for further and higher education and for adult working life. I also desire them to experience a richness and diversity of personal, social and recreational opportunities. I believe education is a partnership between school, parents and the child. Their success needs your support and we are committed to working with you. We will listen to you and support your family throughout your child’s learning and personal development.

Thinking beyond school we will nurture independence. Our pupils will all be lifelong international learners committed to widening their experiences and bringing meaning and enthusiasm to everything they do. Above all I want our pupils to enjoy their learning and their time at Grange School.

In conclusion then I recall that in late 2015 ‘Ofsted’ inspectors graded the school as ‘a good school with some outstanding features’. I invite you to join us on the learning journey and experience the reality of this grading for yourself.

I look forward to meeting with you soon.

EO & Headmaster

CEO & Principal