Morenike Olaosebikan - Deputy Head, Administration and Finance

Morenike is the Head of Human Resources Unit. She has worked in the school since 2007 having previously worked in a hospitality industry for ten years.

As the HR Manager, she provides support to the school as regards, recruitment, performance management and growth of the school, disbursement of salaries and maintaining the right conditions at the work place. She not only develops and advises on policies but also ensure their implementation. These policies are mostly related to the effective use of teaching and non-teaching staff in the school. Her role includes ensuring that all the employees are rightly balanced in terms of skills and knowledge.

With a Master Degree in Human Resources Management from Lagos State University and an associate membership of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Member of Nigeria (ACIPM), the HR Department of Grange School has all it requires for effective and efficient management of Grange Schoolstaff.