Educational Support

In a culture of continuous improvement, our over all aim is to enable pupils achieve their maximum learning potential.
Our staff  work hard to enable and ensure each pupil effectively access the curriculum.

We provide additional education support for the different learning styles  and different learning needs by developing multiple learning strategies and by reinforcing a belief in our pupils that they can achieve whatever they set their hearts to achieve.

The highly professional staff of the Additional  Learning Support/SEN Department is led by an External Chartered  Educational Psychologist and is experienced in working with children with a variety of Special Needs including Autism spectrum Disorder, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADHD,  and social and emotional issues.

Some of the staff hold certification from the British Dyslexia Association and all regularly attend professional training courses to keep up with new research and  current practice in the UK.

The philosophy of the Department is to appreciate individual differences and cultures, to ensure learning is fun and interactive, to give adequate and timely learning support; working together to achieve high academic standards comparable to any offered in the British education system anywhere in the world.

The Additional Learning Support/SEN team work closely with Pastoral and Academic colleagues to ensure that a consistently responsive,  whole-school approach is maintained.

 We acknowledge that it is the responsibility of everyone in the School to ensure that those with greatest differences are included, celebrated and catered for.

English as an Additional Langauage (EAL)
We offer well-structured learning support to pupils who need extra lessons to fully access the curriculum, with particular emphasis on all four language skills in listening, reading speaking and writing.
The aim for each pupil is to achieve proficiency in listening, reading, writing and speaking English so that he or she can successfully be included into the mainstream.

Gifted and Talented (G&T)
We provide direct intervention strategies to pupils, ensuring their work challenges, stretches and excites them on a daily basis in an environment that celebrates excellence.