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CUSU and St James’s House are excited to announce that your Innovation 800 feature is now available across two different mediums comprising of an eBook and a dedicated website.

The free, downloadable, online eBook version can be accessed at, and the individual organisation features can be accessed by searching the page number at the top.

Your feature can also be viewed on the Innovation 800 website at (In all cases in which you need to link to a digital version of your feature, please link to this web page.)

Inspired by the University of Cambridge as a centre of innovation for more than 800 years, this edition – titled Innovation 800 – showcases innovative thinking at Cambridge and farther afield. The publication covers subjects that range from the philosopher Erasmus to Monty Python, and looks into the University of Cambridge’s Education Under Supervision tutorial system that encourages students to think for themselves. It also looks at the rise of Silicon Fen which is Cambridge’s equivalent to Silicon Valley. In addition, Innovation 800 identifies innovators in education as well as suitable professional opportunities, and discusses some of the most pressing issues in education and employment today. In doing so, the project provides students with practical information for their future endeavours.

Innovation 800 will be delivered through a campaign that will connect students, innovators, educators, recruiters and the wider world of business. Featuring contributions from industry pioneers and commentators, it includes informative features, engaging insights and expert advice, all written to the highest of standards. By promoting Innovation 800 across two academic years, we optimise the project’s exposure to the University’s students and to the wider world. To recap the audience for this project, CUSU represents more than 22,000 undergraduates and postgraduates at the University of Cambridge, providing them with high-quality services and support, and campaigning on their behalf. Boasting a hard-to-reach readership of world-class students and world-leading industry figures, Innovation 800 will be made available to:

  •     22,000 University of Cambridge students
  •     Members of the Cambridge Alumni Association
  •     More than 50,000 educational institutions across over 190 countries worldwide, including universities and further education providers

Ultimately, over a 12-month period, this project will help support your marketing and PR through:

  •     our article in the online version of Innovation 800
  •     your article in the eBook version of Innovation 800(to be launched in the coming months)
  •     the media licence to publicise your association with this official CUSU project
  •     the digital press release about the project compiled for your use
  •    the licence to the copyright of your feature, enabling you to use or publish it elsewhere
  •     the licence to use the official Innovation 800 campaign logo on your website, press releases, social media channels, email footers, email marketing, etc.

Attached you will find the official Innovation 800 press release, which you can use in your own marketing and PR (amending the wording where indicated in red), as well as the official campaign logo and associated media licence. To join the discussion for the campaign across social media, we invite you to add St James’s House to any posts (Twitter / Insta: @Media_SJH) and to use the hashtag #Innovation800 and we have developed the following strap-lines for this purpose:

  • an official sponsor of Innovation 800 by the Cambridge University Students’ Union
  • an official patron of Innovation 800 by the Cambridge University Students’ Union
  • an official project partner for Innovation 800 by the Cambridge University Students’ Union
  • an editorial contributor to Innovation 800 by the Cambridge University Students’ Union
  • [a company / an organisation] featured in Innovation 800 by the Cambridge University Students’ Union
  • [a company / an organisation] profiled in Innovation 800 by the Cambridge University Students’ Union

On behalf of CUSU, St James’s House would like to thank you for your support and participation in our ongoing CUSU series. Your support and commitment to developing and sharing insights are integral to the success of this project. We will treat today – 31 January 2019 – as your going-live date, and your anniversary date will be 31 January 2020. In the event that you wish to be removed from the publication, please could you ensure that you inform us in writing by no later than 31 December 2019.

Should you have any questions in this regard, please contact us by return email or telephone. Otherwise, a member of our team will contact you again in due course.

Should you have any questions in this regard, do not hesitate to contact us.

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