Adedeji Adesida wins Her Majesty The Queen's Silver Medal For English Speech

Adedeji Adesida, Valedictorian, Grange School Class of 2020 wins Her Majesty The Queen's Medal for emerging the Overall Winner of the Senior Category of the Recita Competition at Winchester College, Hampshire, UK.

Recita is the Winchester College Annual Recitation Competition. Every boy in the second to fifth years learns a poem of at least 16 lines to recite in their English or Div classes. Two winners from each class go forth to the hotly contested semifinals, with 10 boys going through to the Lower School Recita Final for the Jack Parr Award/Simon Elliott Cup, and 10 going through to the Senior Final Competition for the highly-coveted Queen's Silver Medal for English Speech. The competition was judged by Hampshire Poet Laureate, Kathryn Bevis. She awarded Deji the Queen's Silver Medal for English Speech for his recitation of 'Still I Rise' by Maya Angelou.

"Winchester college is a fiercely competitive school, but Grange School prepared me for the world", Adedeji says. "Grange helped me develop my strengths, hone my skills and believe in myself, regardless of the challenges or the playing field. I am delighted to share this honour with the entire community. Thank you so much for the opportunities afforded me". Again I say, "There’s no stopping the Granger!"

The 1st Place Prize is a Personalized silver medal from the Royal Mint with Adedeji's name inscribed around the edge.

We congratulate the Queen's Medallist, Adedeji Adesida, and wish you the very best in the future.

Adedeji with the Headmaster of Winchester College, Dr T.R.Hands.

Adedeji with the Second Master of Winchester College, Mr N.P.Wilks.

The Prize Medal

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