The Grange School Alumni Association is a growing community dedicated to strengthening and working in partnership with the school to connect, support and coordinate the global network of all Ex-Grangers— while promoting the school’s mission and maintaining her values.

You are joining a network of over 30,000 Ex-Grangers across the 63 years of Grange’s history. We are here to support your continuous development and we want you to stay connected and active through our various programs and events, including:

Career Networking
Through the Alumni network, a wide range of opportunities will be available in the coming years, leveraging the network of Ex-Grangers representing over 40 industries in professions spanning across five global regions.

Social Events
In the past, the Grange Alumni Association hosted a Christmas gathering with almost 200 Alumni in attendance, the most recent being in 2018. We plan to host more events in Christmas and Summer and in more locations around the world.

In January 2020, the UK Chapter of the Grange Alumni Association hosted an Ex-Grangers reunion. We plan to host more reunions: 5-year, 10-year, 15-year, and 20-year reunions annually.

Sporting Events
The Lagos Alumni Sports League is currently in the development phase with teams including Football, Basketball, Tennis, Badminton, and Volleyball with teams for Men, Women and mixed.

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We are currently recruiting volunteers to support the growth of the Alumni Association. If you would like to represent your year-group as an Ambassador or join the team as an Alumni Officer, kindly fill the form below.

You can stay connected with the Alumni Association on the following platforms:
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• Follow us: @Grange_Alumni on Instagram, Grange School Alumni on Facebook

We look forward to fostering long-lasting ties with you as we welcome you into the Grange Alumni Association.

President's Welcome Address

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